New York Farmworker Protection Bill

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Farming in New York is under attack once again by people who have never set foot on a farm but think they know best how a farm should operate. Frankly, if they succeed, NY Farmers worry about the future of farming. The legacy and landscape of agriculture in New York will undoubtedly change.
About NY Farmers
According to the USDA, New York farms are small, about 214 acres on average, compared to 446 nationally.  About 90 percent of New York farms are family owned and 80 percent of New York farms enjoy income of less than $100,000 annually.  According to the American Farmland Trust, New York has been losing farmland at the equivalent rate of one farm every 3.5 days. 
The products produced on New York farms are among the most labor intensive, and, according to the USDA, based on Department of Labor research, hired farmworkers constitute about 33 percent of the farm workforce, with principal farmers, and their families, providing the remaining 66 percent.  Typically, farms’ three greatest classes of annual expenditure are for labor, energy, and taxes and, according to Farm Credit East, ACA, which conducted a statistical analysis of USDA data, New York farms spend $13.82 on labor costs per $100 of farm production sold, compared to $8.88 per $100, nationally.
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Switchboard Numbers for Call to ACTION!

NYS Assembly Capitol Switchboard at (518) 455-4100 and ask for your Assembly Representative’s office.

NYS Senate Capitol Switchboard at (518) 455-2800 and ask for your Senate Representative’s office.

Take Action Contact your State Legislators Today!

NY Senate contact info

Members of the Independent Democrats Conference
State Senators Jeff Klein, Diane Savino, David Valesky, and David Carlucci.
David Carlucci (518) 455-2991 (845) 623-3627, 914-941-2041

When you CALL…
Ask for the staffer that is dealing with S1743A-2013, the Farmworker Fair Labor Practices Act
State you are a farmer, where you are and what you grow. Or, if you are a consumer, where you live and where you buy your produce. If a farmer respectfully point out how harmful this bill is and how it will seriously and negatively impact your ability to continue to operate. Point out your workers are under a myriad of legal protections now and this bill is being driven not by farmworkers but by outsiders who do not understand how farming works.

If you are a consumer emphasize how important supporting local agriculture is and you believe this will very much hurt the small farmers that supply you with the local food you enjoy. If it is someone that goes to the market that calls they should mention they have spoken with their farmers who have explained how harmful this bill will be if passed. Also emphasize the fact that the bill disproportionately harms smaller farms versus larger farms, for it primarily ends a number of exemptions for smaller operations (that also happen to match federal standards).

If the staffer states this is an issue of "justice" then ask why they are not ending the exemptions, especially the overtime exemption, for the employees of religious non-profits and the staff of the legislature?

Why are they not ending all of the exemptions that benefit religious non-profits that are driving this? Don't those employees deserve "justice" too? 

These reps are for the farm bill or are leaning that way. Approach them as potential supporters and emphasize that their constituents will suffer if this bill is passed:

Andrea Stewart-Cousins
Liz Krueger

José M. Serrano

Martin Malave Dilan

Toby Ann Stavisky

Jose Peralta

Charles J. Fuschillo

Carl L. Marcellino

Joseph E. Robach
(518) 455-2909
(585) 225-3650


Phil Boyle
(518) 455-3411
(631) 669-9200

Simcha Felder
(518) 455-2754
(718) 253-2015

John Flanagan
(518) 455-2303
(845) 463-0840

Charles Fuschillo
(518) 455-3341
(516) 882-0630

Martin Golden
(518) 455-2730
(718) 238-6044

Mark Grisanti
(518) 455-3240
(716) 854-8705

Kemp Hannon
(518) 455-2200
(516) 739-1700

Brad Holyman
(518) 455-2451
(516) 739-1700

Timothy Kennedy
(518) 455-2426
(716) 826-2683

Jeffery Klein
(518) 455-3595
(718) 822-2049

Andrew Lanza
(518) 455-3215
(718) 984-4073

George Latmier
(518) 455-2031
(914) 934-5250

Ted O'Brian
(518) 455-2162
(585) 218-0034

Thomas O'Mara
(518) 455-2091
(607) 735-9671

James Sanders
(518) 455-3531
(718) 523-3069

Diane Savino
(518) 455-2437
(718) 727-9406

Malcom Smith
(518) 455-2701
(718) 454-0162

Andrea Stewart-Cousins
(518) 455-2585
(914) 423-4031

Thank you for standing with the farming community.

Cecelia Tkaczyk
Albany Office
Phone: 518-455-2470

District Office
Phone: 845-331-3810

Satellite Office
Phone: 518-842-2407
Email address: